About Us

Videomax ABC is a leading provider of communication equipment market in Bulgaria.

For its 22 years of market presence , it has built strong positions in its affiliate business with some of the largest Internet and communication service providers in the country. Large companies such as Vivacom, NET1, SpectrumNet (currently part of Mobiltel) and others. They rely on our quality and trustworthy products, exchange of experience and technical advice from our specialists.

Our partners are also small start-ups, which, driven by growth ambitions, will soon become big market players. And we are here to help them to achieve their goals.

Our quest is to develop with you, to offer everything you need to build your network. Today you need quality and affordable fiber optic cables, media converters or SFP modules, gigabit Layer2 switches, tomorrow you will be deploying your network wirelessly, you will have IP phones, you will offer TV - we are with you to provide everything you need . Our clients today are our partners and tomorrow, their development is developing for us as well.

We offer:

All about fiber optic networking: cables, converters, fiber optic switches, 100 / 1G / 10G optical modules, passive components and accessories
LAN equipment: controlled and unmanaged switches, power supplies and cables
Wireless data and Internet devices, both high-end and consumer-accessible products
Wi-Fi HotSpot Public Internet Access Systems
VoIP products
The company is a complex contractor of national projects in the field of broadband communications and Internet access
We look forward to seeing our website for more details on the products we offer. You will find the site at www.videomaxavs.com

If you would like to receive more information please call:

(02) 927 0022
(02) 8271120,

 or visit our store at: Sofia; bc. Lyulin 10, bl. 133, ent. B. You can also send comments via e-mail