General Terms

The international orders, forwarders and their shipping cost are to be discussed with cutomers.

Each shipment (order) worth more than $ 100 must be insured on behalf of the customer and sent with domestic courier Econt Express.

Payment methods

  • Cash on Delivery
    By choosing this method you pay the amount due for the goods ordered by you to the courier - "Econt Express" -  upon delivery of the goods. All shipping charges plus the amount due for the goods you ordered are indicated on the bill of lading issued by Courier Company Econt Express. A tax invoice for the amount you pay in cash will be found in the package of the goods delivered to you.
  • Bank payment
    You can make a bank transfer to the accounts of Videomax ABC. When you generate an electronic order you will receive a letter (pro forma invoice) with our bank details. If you wish to book a tax invoice number against which to make a Bank transfer. account BGN, please call 02 / 827-1120 or 02 / 927-0022. Please do not send by fax or email copies of payment orders or other bank documents. Your order will be executed after receiving the bank transfer. You will find a tax invoice for the amount you have paid by bank transfer in the package of the goods delivered to you. Upon delivery of the ordered goods, courier charges are at the expense of the buyer.
    "ePay" AD is a registered representative of the payment institution "EasyPay" AD for providing payment services related to the execution of payment transactions through payment cards, credit transfers, and depositing and withdrawing money from accounts serviced by "EasyPay" AD. To make payments with this service, you need to have a personal account in their system.
  • ePayWorld
    The payment module (If available) through the World system (direct payment with credit/debit card) allows customers to make payments without having a registration in ePay by directly entering the data from the credit/debit card. "Videomax ABC" Ltd. does not have access to the data from your credit/debit cards.

Delivery and delivery times

"Videomax ABC" Ltd. has a contract with courier company "Econt Express". Electronic orders for the dispatch of goods are only executed through Econt Express!

  • Time limits for sending
    The goods you ordered will be sent within 1 working day after the date of your electronic order. The orders received until 14:00 are sent on the day of the request. In the cases when we are overloaded with performing a large number of queries, your order will be completed within 1 business day. Once you have generated your e-mail request, you must confirm it by 30 minutes at the latest by calling 02 / 827-1120 or 02 / 927-0022. Unconfirmed queries are invalid for us. Requests received Friday after 14:00 or on holidays will be sent on the first following business day. The goods ordered by the payment method "Bank Transfer" will be sent after the payment of your order amount to the bank account of "VideoMax ABC" Ltd. Upon receipt of bank transfers until 14:00, your request will be executed by the end of the business day, after 14:00 until the end of the next business day. Payment with ePay or ePayWorld (if activated) follows the same rules as payment via "Bank Transfer." The only difference is that the transaction (payment) is confirmed instantly, and you receive an email as confirmation. "Videomax ABC" Ltd is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete data in the consumer profile of your company!
  • Delivery terms​​​​​
    Information about delivery times and schedule of your service to your destination visit Econt Express page or call: 0.7001.7300.

Legal Information:

Name: ВИДЕОМАКС-АВС ООД, ЕИК 040044467
Registered Office and Management Address: Sofia, Lyulin District, 10th Microdistrict, Block 133, Entrance B
Mailing Address: Sofia, Lyulin District, 10th Microdistrict, Block 133, Entrance B Phone: +359882417317